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Why the government is a joke and people continue to speed

Today a 22 year old motorcyclist from Southampton was fined a mere £600 for speeding, £70 for “costs” and £15 for a victim surcharge.  In total, lets see….£685 in fines, and oh, he was banned from the roads for 18 months.  Ok, severe, right?  Nope, for what he did…lets see:

  • 88 in a 30 (58 over – almost three times the limit)
  • 82 in a 30 (52 over – again almost thrice over)
  • 77 in a 30 (47 over – just 2.5 times over)
  • 72 in a 30 (42 over – again 2.5 times)
  • 54 in a 30 (almost double)
  • 58 in a 30 (double)
  • 83 in a 30 (again almost 3x the limit)

…oh yeah, and this was all within 27 days!  So, lets see, do an average of 43 mph over the speed limit in 7 infractions in one month and you get taken off the roads for 18 months…all for a bit of fun.  There are other places where I’ve been, where a person can get caught going 40 in a 25 and they’re off the road for 6 months and fined £100, no questions asked.

Until the UK government decides to take this kind of thing serious, people will continue breaking the law and making a mockery of the government.

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NetNewsWire + FeedDemon + NewsGator = Synced Cross Platform RSS Reading!

One is made for the Mac, the other the PC – both RSS readers.  When coupled with the other service run by their company, NewsGator, you can have both read the same RSS feeds and also synchronise what articles you’ve read from your subscribed feeds, all with the comfort of a zero cost!  I must say in the initial tests, I’m well impressed.  If you have to swap between a Mac and a PC and you use RSS (let’s see, RSS reading IT people must be what, about 90% of the population?), give this tandem/trio a try.  You’ll be most impressed.

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Pat delivers a teepee, but no helicopter today

In today’s episode, Pat is set to deliver a teepee for the kids, as a surprise for their completion of a treasure hunt.  He gets the call from HQ to which he promptly returns to find the letter with directions to the finish point.  He loses the letter and subsequently has to do the treasure hunt himself.

Only drawback to this episode is Pat drives PAT2 for the entire episode.  When he finds the kids final destination is an island – where the teepee needs delivering to – I would have had him head back to HQ and deliver it with the PAT3 chopper!  Oh well, wonder what we have in store for tomorrow!

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Postman Pat gets a mobile, a flash new wagon and a helicopter

Everyone’s little buddy Postman Pat and Jess his black and white cat has had a bit of a time warp recently.  In his most recent episode, aired today (catch it on BBC’s iPlayer), he gets some cool new gear.  The Royal Mail is in the money as Pat gets the 21st century upgrade:

PAT2 – A new larger van to help accompany PAT1

PAT3 – A helicopter to help deliver cows that get stuck on cliffs (see the episode above)

A new mobile phone!

Pat, you’re ready for the 21st century mate, and you and your cat Jess rock!  Only thing you need now is to replace Jess with a dog!

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Horse has its last pint, goes teetotal after pub landlord kicks her out

In news of the strange, a horse in Tyne has been asked not to return to the Alexandra Hotel pub after refurbishment work has been recently carried out.  Peggy, the 12 year old mare of owner Peter Dolan, used to frequent the pub and have a John Smiths and a packet of crisps.

When the pub was taken over in 2006, Jackie Grey, the new landlady thought she was being led down the garden path and it was a wind-up when she was told one of her regulars was a horse.  Little did she know it was the truth.  Now, some two years on, major refurbishments have been made to the Alexandra in Jarrow and Peggy has been asked to hitch up outside.

When asked where Peggy is by the other regulars, her owner Mr Dolan takes pride in saying, since she was asked to leave, she’s kicked the habit and gone teetotal.

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Better make sure you delete the config before you sell it

In the news of the “you should have known better”, Kirklees County Council are running around trying to find a press release stating why a previous device which was part of their network was sold on eBay for .99p, which still had an existing config on it!

The Cisco VPN Server was purchased on eBay for an astonishing 99p and was found to still have the VPN config and credentials stored on it in order to gain access to the Kirklees County Council’s network.  It’s quite interesting to see everyone playing teflon coated shoulders in this recent fau paux.

Manga-Fu, who were to dispose of the device say they followed all their protocol (why was the device still laden with data?) Cap Gemini, who used to manage the network say they handed everything over in May 2005, leaving Kirklees to do the day-to-day admin theirselves (ok, that’s almost washing your hands clean of it – but what was involved in the handover?) and Kirklees are saying there are other levels of security in place to help prevent further attacks (ok, but you’ve essentially given someone your front door key and only locked the bedrooms!).

Better learn the commands Cisco ships most devices with “write erase” before sending any more devices to Manga-Fu to be disposed of Kirklees…

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Americans like MySpace, Europeans like Facebook

In the latest statistics released it seems that the American public seem to like MySpace more and the European culture is clinging to Facebook.  Figures show in August 67.54% of the American public go to MySpace, whereas only 20.56% of people visit Facebook.  Doesn’t look like the fight is over just yet though, as Facebook is on the increase with the yanks.  Last year it was 75% to 13%, MySpace to Facebook…

What do you prefer more and why?

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The Windows Ribbon Experience

First it was Office 2007 and people were shouting from the rooftops, bring back the old menu system.  Well, with Windows 7 now when you look at things it seems the ribbon is here to stay and is finding its way in to more applicaitons – like Notepad even!

Once you get used to it, it’s quite friendly and the user experience I must say is more easy and work-with-able.

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Little Becky wants her school to go boom

This is great.  A little Irish girl named Becky (Rebecca Barry) calls a demolition company to ask to blow her school up.  You have to listen to it….absolute cracker!

little becky’s demolition – listen in


The Land of the Free – with rules of course

Today in the news of the strange, it seems there are rules surrounding how “free” your speech is in the United States of America.  In the days coming up to the election you find yard signs in people’s front gardens showing their support for who they feel is the apt candidate for – in this case – the white house.  Ut oh, wait, there’s a catch.  You can only put the sign up 30 days prior to the election – October 4th. So, therefore those people who might have yard signs out already, better take them down until the 4th otherwise you’re breaking the law!  So much for freedom of speech…

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