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Looking forward to Windows 7

Next year (wow, it’s almost here), we say welcome to Vienna, the newest version of the Windows desktop operating system.  When released, so far it is named Windows 7 and looks set to keep that name.  Over at Lifehacker, they’ve come up with a 10 new features and benefits to look forward to, which encapsulates it all in a small nutshell, really good.  Go have a look!

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Top 10 Software Easter Eggs

Going through blogs today and I came across a fun one.  The top 10 software easter eggs.  Some of them are quite interesting, some of them old, some of them fun, some a bit blase, but at any rate, go have a look yourself and see what you think!

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Ops Manager R2 Beta!!

It was discussed at TechEd to be one of the next biggest things since sliced bread and they’ve now delivered.  Operations Manager 2007 R2 Beta 1 has been released to the wild.

Register on Connect to get it and try it out

If you want more information on what it is and the cool things around it, visit the System Center blog and they’ll tell you all about it (as well as give you the above link!)

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Ok, so sorry there haven’t been any postings for the past week, but I’ve been visiting Mickey and Pals in Cali.  Yup, holidays woo hoo.  Ok, so at any rate 7 days of fun quickly came and went and now back to the real world, which for you lot mean more stories 🙂  Bon appetit!

NT is finally out at Heathrow

For those of you who work in the computer industry you know that it takes ages for certain places to get rid of NT.  Well, the proof is in the pudding – or in this case the writing is on the wall.  Today when flying out of Heathrow, I saw the XP “Windows is Shutting Down…” screen on one of the terminal walls.  Guess they’ve upgraded, have you 😉  Next question is when will they migrate to Vista <lol>

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Have SBS 2000 or 2003? Want SBS 2008 or even EBS?

Good news is there is Solutions Pathways.  This will give you credit for your old software towards the purchase of the new stuff.  Credit where credit is deserved as the old saying goes 🙂

If you’re a partner, head over to

If you’re a customer, head to the WESS site

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Whiz, Whir, Klunk…What am I? The sound of a failing hard disk

The sound everyone dreads.  Whir, klunk, whatever it may be (sometimes there isn’t even a sound at all!), the folks over at DataCent have made some nice sounds for us to listen to in case we think our hard drive may be failing.  If you’ve got time, quite some interesting music 😉


Like XP? Want Vista tools? Try the XP Sidebar

It seems that not everyone is keen on Vista, but like its tools, therefore someone out there has developed the Vista sidebar for working/use in XP.  Not too bad…If you want more information pop on over to LifeHacker and check it out for yourself!

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Children in Need Day

Today, Friday November 14, 2008 is Children in Need day.  Yup, good old Pudsey is out to try and help gather more money for chairity and to try and help those children who aren’t as privildged as some of the rest of us.  If you live in the UK and can help him you can go to the BBC’s website:

or you can call 03457 33 22 33 and donate.

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Shopping Cart Icons


If you have an e-commerce site you might want to look at these new flash icons that have been made available for free.  Not too bad and have a bit of a new quirky spin on them.  (note, website quite busy at time of posting so you might not get through):

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