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You’ve Goat to be kidding

_45329469_goat226How do the Swede’s celebrate Christmas? They build a festive goat. How do they get through the season? They find ways to burn the goat down. In Gavle, lives a goat with a murky past:

1966: The first goat is burned down – beginning the tradition
1970: It is set on fire six hours after being erected
1971: Tired of arson, the project is abandoned. Schoolchildren build a miniature. It is smashed to pieces.
1976: A car crashes into the goat
1979: The goat is burned down before it is finished
1987: The goat is treated with fireproofing – but still goes up in smoke
2008: Burnt down

This year marks the 23rd time the goat has gone up in smoke. What a festive tradition!

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Do you remember the old Nintendo games. Do you like to use Firefox? Have a look then at FireNES. Its an NES Emulator which runs in Java and Firefox. Shoot over and see if you like it…I do 🙂

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VHS to go night night

photo-vhsDistribution Video Audio, the last major supplier of VHS movies, has announced that they’re exiting the VHS business at the end of this year.

According to the company, up until recently they were still supplying bargain stores, outlet malls, truck stops, and mom-and-pop operations, but now the company is saying that anything that’s left in their inventory they’ll just give away or throw away…

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Fixing the internet

Last week some under sea cables were cut and they’re now being fixed. Naming conventions are great, aren’t they? The cables seem to be named SEA-ME-WE and if you break it down…sea=sea cable…me=middle east and we=western europe…wow, fancy naming eh 😉 Here’s what’s being fixed:


Yanks put the ky-bosh on new gTLD’s

The US Government has temporarily put the brakes on new plans to expand the gTLD’s on the internet. Currently there are 21 gTLDs (.com, .net…) and plans were to expand this exponentially, but the US Government doesn’t like the idea and has offered great criticism. They’ve sent two letters to the bodies in charge stating their this space if you were interested in buying .yournamehere


Christmas Tree Ornaments – Geek Style

The chaps over at GeekWare have taken recycling to the next dimension this christmas.  They’ve taken old computer components and made them in to decorations.  Have a look at the santa mouse


There are others too.  

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iPhone…You need one!

iphone-07-01-09-1So I went to the high street the other day and got one of these beauties to try…had it for 24 hours and then had to turn it back in.  What did I do on the 25th hour?  Went and bought one.  If you haven’t had the chance to try the iPhone out or see it in action, it has loads of functionality and can do just about everything you need a phone/PDA to do.  Try one for yourself and you’ll never go back to the Nokia or Sony Ericson

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Random Thoughts

Cooking dinner this evening I got to thinking and figured I’d post on my random musings.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have lived in the past and had to have hunted for your food? Make your own clothes? “Work” for a living rather than go to a job…

Has technology taken over our lives a bit too much? Wouldn’t it be interesting to be just a bit “old-fashioned” and get rid of some of the advances we’ve got?

Just some thoughts…I’d be interested in what you’ve got to say 🙂

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Data Protection Manager 2007 SP1 Released!

syscnt-dpm_h_rgb_3Today sees the release of DPM 2007 SP1.  This adds some pretty slick new features for MOSS, SQL 2008 and Hyper-V, but the only draw back is full Hyper-V isn’t actually coming until January when another patch is released…KB 959962 gives more info on that “coming soon” patch.  Some other interesting/useful links:


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Writing From an iPhone

Well, obviously no where near as easy as a full qwerty but here is a test post using an iPhone and the wordpress app. Pretty slick I must admit