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What’s for dinner and how much does it cost?

Dinner…we all ask ourselves the age old question each day – what should I have for dinner tonight.  Well, I thought I’d do a little experiment sort of like the Mastercard priceless adverts with dinner.  As a bloke on his own, is it more sensible to get a fish and chips from Mrs Beetons or is it worth the time and effort (and what does it cost) to make Chicken a la Justin.  Read more for full details, you’ll be surprised!

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Bing hopes to topple Yahoo! and take on Google

Microsoft is re-launching their search engine, promising to make search simpler, and aiming to overhaul Yahoo.

Re-named and re-branded, the search engine will go live first in the US and launch in beta elsewhere.

Google has more than 64% of the search market in the US, followed by Yahoo at 20% and Microsoft at 8.2%.

Bing offers to make search more relevant by understanding the intention of searches, and grouping more related information to the original query….

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TechEd USA 2009 – Videos Galore

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve been uploading all of the videos that Erdal and I – with the help of Elias and Daniel – took at TechEd. You’ll notice today I’ve posted another 20 or so, but there are still many to come. Unfortunately it is nearing 1 a.m. local time and I need to pack for a flight tomorrow which leaves at 9:00, so I’ve still got that to do. I wanted to get as many up as possible to tantalise your tase buds and let you know, don’t worry, there are still more to come.

I’ll be back in action again Monday evening updating more, so for now, enjoy what we’ve added, check out what you might have missed and be sure to come back for more!

And, as always, thanks for stopping by and make sure to tell your friends about us here at or whichever you prefer!

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TechEd USA 2009 – DevExpress

One of the main sponsors of TechEd (if you went check out your laptop bag) was DevExpress. We got the chance to meet up with Julian, but unfortnuately (you might not notice) our video was cut short. His colleague didn’t like the fact we were videoing Julian and not him, so he kicked Erdal and I out of the stand rather rudely. At any rate, here’s what we heard from Julian

TechEd USA 2009 – TechNet Plus and $25,000

Amber was very welcoming to us when we jumped the queue to play the slot machine and attempt to win $25,000 at the TechNet Plus stand. Unfortunately we didn’t win the 25K but we did get a free ID badge and even better yet a year’s subscription for TechNet Plus, just for attending TechEd!!

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TechEd USA 2009 – Adminovation & ScriptLogic

Here we catch up with AD – is that Active Directory or is her name maybe Adie? – from Adminovations and Script Logic. She tells us about her experiences at TechEd!

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TechEd USA 2009 – Behind the Scenes in the Speaker Workroom

As an attendee or delegate of TechEd you get the chance to see the “front of the house”. Well, in this video, we take you back stage and meet up with Wally Meade of the SMS/SCCM team in the Speaker Workroom where all the preparatory work is done…Let’s go!

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TechEd USA 2009 – Behind the Scenes in the MCT "Only" Area

TechEd is made possible by all of the time put in by individuals willing to help you and wanting to share their knowledge with you. This requires loads of time and loads of energy. In this video, we take you behind the scenes to show you where they meet, top up their energy levels or just wind down after being on their feet all day long!

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TechEd USA 2009 – Dave Franklyn

TechEd is about learning, networking, sharing, talking, all kinds of things. What makes TechEd the event it is though is the people. Most of them MCT’s and MVP’s – the heart of Microsoft’s community. We met up with Dave Franklyn an MCT at Auburn to talk quickly with him about TechEd

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TechEd USA 2009 – Meet the MVP Team

Sure, the community know and appreciate the Microsoft MVP’s, but were it not for this team, there would be no MVP’s. This crew make TechEd fun, tell everyone about what’s what in the MVP world, get the community involved and well, make us all want to work that little bit harder for the community and the better of technology. Kudos to them and the rest of the team that might not have been able to make it with them, were it not for them you wouldn’t have the MVP’s you do!