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I made it on The Windows Blog! (!!!

When you get awarded your MVP you really don’t have to do anything.  It’s given to you from Microsoft for the participation in the community for the previous year’s doings.  However, when you get it, you really want to work that little bit (well lot bit) harder to ensure you get it the following year.  For me, that meant getting more involved….

One of the opportunities we were offered was to write a guest blog for the Springboard program and potentially be featured on  I thought I’d give it a punt and sure enough, my article on DISM got posted….Wow, how cool is that?!?!  If you’re interested in DISM, pop over to the site and give it a look:

If you’re not interested in DISM, visit the site anyways as they’ve got loads of good information over there!

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When should I get rid of my Windows 7 RC installation?

With the RTM now of Windows 7, there will still be many of you out there who will have the RC (all of us as of now as it still isn’t available ;).  There will also be others of you (like me) who have installed the RC in various places and won’t have the time to get to installing the gold code right away, so for the time being will stick with the RC.  One important thing to point out:

The RC will completely expire on June 1st, 2010 however it will begin rebooting as from March 1, 2010…

Morale of the story, don’t lull yourself in to a false sense of security.  When you get your hands on the gold code, install it.  Oh yeah, and that’s another thing….There will be workarounds as we’re all sure no doubt, as to how to upgrade from RC to RTM, however DO NOT DO THIS.  Why?  Differences in code, potentially nagging issues that might have cropped up in the RC from testing, etcetera etcetera, etcetera.  Migrate your data, store it somewhere else or whatever, but your best experience when going to RTM will be a fresh install – and don’t forget about RC’s reboots.

Enjoy 7!

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More IPD Guides – Server 2008 R2

With 2008 R2 coming up (it was RTM’d if you missed that post), the guys over at Microsoft have updated the Infrastructure Planning and Design guides to reflect some of the new features:

  • Active Directory Domain Services
  • Internet Information Services 7.5
  • File Services
  • Print Services

in Server 2008R2 or some of the modified features. 

Click here to go and download the guides now.

These guides outline the critical infrastructure design elements that are crucial to a successful implementation of Windows Server 2008 R2. The reader is guided through the multi-step process of designing components, layout, and connectivity in a logical, sequential order. Following the steps in these guides will result in a design that is sized, configured, and appropriately placed to deliver the stated business benefits, while also considering the performance, capacity, and fault tolerance of the system.

Further, here are some other resources on Server 2008R2 which might be of interest:

Windows Server 2008 R2 Solution Accelerators

Active Directory Domain Services on TechNet

Internet Information Services 7.5 on TechNet

Windows Server File Services on TechNet

Windows Server Print Services on TechNet

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Windows 7 RTM’s

It’s official, Microsoft have announced the RTM of Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.  As previously stated, here are the milestones:

– Build 7600 is the official RTM build

– ISV (Independent software vendor) and IHV (Independent hardware vendor) Partners will be able to download Windows 7 RTM from Microsoft Connect or MSDN on August 6th.

– Microsoft Partner Program Gold/Certified Members will be able to download Windows 7 RTM in English through the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Portal on August 16th

– Microsoft Action Pack Subscribers will be about to download Windows 7 RTM in English starting August 23rd

– OEMs will receive Windows 7 RTM software images beginning approximately 2 days after we officially RTM, as a little time is required to release and distribute these images

– you are a Volume License (VL) customer with an existing Software Assurance (SA) license you will be able to download Windows 7 RTM in English starting August 7th

– IT Professionals with TechNet Subscriptions will be able to download Windows 7 RTM in English on August 6th

– Consumers get it on 22 October

One other cool thing to take note of, because of all of the help, Springboard have got an agreement in place to allow people to download and evaluate Windows 7 as well, so watch this space for more information on that!

Here’s some links referencing the above:

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Windows 7 RC gets +5 days on the download site


As the days up to RTM continue, the guys over at Microsoft are so overwhelmed with the response to Windows 7 that they’ve decided to extend the download of the RC until August 20, 2009 (it used to be August 15).  To download it and get a key, just go to the Downloads page and follow the instructions.

Also, don’t forget to improve the overall likeability and keep this OS going down the right track, you can still offer input on the RC.  To do this, go to:

and click on the corresponding feedback link to tell them just what you’d like changed.  If you don’t speak, remember you’ll never be heard!

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The public like W7 just a “bit” better than Vista reports show

Yesterday’s numbers are in and within the first 8 hours available to pre-order Windows 7 sold more copies than Vista did in it’s first 17 weeks.  Doing the maths, lets see….Vista took over 2856 hours to sell what Windows 7 sold in just a mere 8 hours.  That coupled with the fact that almost all pre-order sites were sold out shortly after they offered the deals show that Microsoft have listened to the consumers this time and produced something more worthwhile than Vista.

One other thing to think about, this is only consumer pre-orders…this doesn’t take in to account any of the businesses who will be migrating to Windows 7.  Here’s to a good operating system, good on you Microsoft!

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7 Ways to Get Free Tickets to PDC 2009 Plus up to $17,777


Do you want to win a free trip to Los Angeles and a free ticket to PDC 2009? Do you think you have what it takes to win $17,777? Do you think you can write an amazing Windows 7 application?

Well, if your answer to any of the above question is "Yes!" then say hello to the Code7 Contest. The Code7 contest is where your application design ingenuity gives you the opportunity to get millions of eyes on your work, plus a trip to LA for PDC09, and up to $17,777 in cash!

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Pre-Order Windows 7 Today at 70% off!

The pre-order madness begins today.  Order Windows 7 at a 70% discounted price from any vendor that is supporting this offer.  It’s Microsoft’s subtle way of saying thank you for helping out with the Beta and RC builds and offering feedback to make this the best operating system ever.

The promotional prices are £49.99 for Home Premium and £99.99 for Professional.  To preorder you can visit:

Alternatively here ar some partners offering it:

Microsoft Store|B002DUCMTC|B001XCWGII



Micro Anvika




John Lewis



Once again, thanks to you the community for the support up to and continuing through the RTM of Windows 7.  It’s you who’s helped us all involved make Windows 7 what it is!

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More reasons to Bing. Google is off air…

So, for those of you still on the fence between Bing and Google, try going to now…..Oh wait, you can’t.  However, you can get to and get the information you need.  Yet another reason to Bing things in lieu of Googling 🙂

Happy Bing-ing!

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Microsoft’s IT Environment Health Scanner – How good is your AD & Network Infrastructure?

The Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner is designed for administrators who want to assess the overall health of their Active Directory and network infrastructure. The tool identifies common problems that can prevent your network environment from functioning properly.

When run from a computer with the proper network access, the tool takes a few minutes to scan your IT environment, perform more than 100 separate checks, and collect and analyze information about the following:

  • Configuration of sites and subnets in Active Directory
  • Replication of Active Directory, the file system, and SYSVOL shared folders
  • Name resolution by the Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Configuration of the network adapters of all domain controllers, DNS servers, and e-mail servers running Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Health of the domain controllers
  • Configuration of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) for all domain controllers

If a problem is found, the tool describes the problem, indicates the severity, and links you to guidance at the Microsoft Web site (such as a Knowledge Base article) to help you resolve the problem. You can save or print a report for later review. The tool does not change anything on your computer or your network.

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