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Bytes by TechNet

If you missed TechEd North America this year, they launched a new initiative called Bytes by TechNet. I was lucky enough to get interviewed by Keith Combs from TechNet…Check out the interview here:

Alternatively find the entire interview on TechNet here

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The mobile (cell) business is hotting up

For those of you eagerly awaiting the Windows Phone 7 Series, the other mobile industry news must be quite interesting as well. What is it I’m taking about or referring to? Well, let’s take a look at two big stories around the mobile industry over the past 24/48 hours:

Android sales overtake the fruit machine. Yep you read it right, the good ‘ole iPhone just isn’t as good as it once was. Proof that you can’t rest on your laurels. –

– BlackBerry traffic to be outlawed in Saudi. Hmm, that’s an interesting one. Does that mean that all data type traffic will be outlawed or is this a target at RIM only? Read more here

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Sorry I’ve been OOF for a while

For those of you that like acronyms, apologies, but I’ve been OOF as of late. OOF is a term usually found in email which stems back to the original mail system days when someone was Off Of Facility or Out Of Facility. Many people commonly mistake it with OOO which is the newer spin on Out Of Office, however for us hardcore techies, OOF will never die.

None the less, to make (or try to keep) a long story short, I’m back in business and should be blogging more soon!

Watch this space 🙂

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