NOTE: This is the first in a series of Guernsey themes.

Everyone likes to personalise their background.  With Windows 7, this capability has been extended even further.  Windows 7 introduces “Themes”.  What a Theme lets you do is combine one or more backgrounds with your favourite sounds, colours, screen saver and any other personalisation settings.

With the kind help of the Guernsey Press Company Limited, I’ve been given some exclusive photos of the great Channel Island of Guernsey.  Their photographers take images all around the island and they’ve given me over 60 of their best which they feel showcases their island.  You can read more about the Guernsey Press’ stories (and see where they get the photos) from their website.

What I’ve done with the photos is create a Guernsey Theme for Windows 7 which I’d (and they’d) like to share with you.  This is Guernsey One:


The images are depicted by a URN (Unique Reference Number) and should you wish, you can use that URN to get a physical copy of the image (using the URN) here.

To install the theme (which rotates all of the above images, download it by clicking on the button below (it’s 38 MB). Once downloaded, simply double click the file and enjoy 🙂

download button

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