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Pat collects a special delivery – and proves PAT1=PAT4

In Friday’s episode Pat’s special delivery is more of a mission.  Amy the vet rings to have Pat collect a “special delivery” when behind the scenes they really want to arrange a special horse riding session with Pumpkin for Ben as he works hard.  Pat shows up in PAT1 to collect the Pumpkin in the horse trailer and as he gets to the mail sorting centre, magically the registration changes back to PAT4!  At any rate, mission accomplished for the special riding lesson and Pat’s first special delivery wherein he didn’t need to collect it from the mail centre first!

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Today I was catching up on some missed episodes of Postman Pat and noticed something out of the ordinary.  Thursday October 9th’s episode (where he delivers some ducks) he rolls up in the end in his normal vehicle, only it is registered as PAT4.  Looks like he might have more vehicles than we originally imagined.  PAT1 must be his personal vehicle to go to and fro with in his own time – sort of like his company car and he uses PAT2 (the big van), PAT3 (the helicopter), PAT4 (the “new” small delivery van), and PAT5 (the motorbike) to deliver the goods.

Must be nice to have the capability to select from such an entourage of vehicles.

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PAT5, Cat & SatNav and SCHOOL1 – All for a comet

It’s another Postman Pat first…hello PAT5!  Today Pat needs to deliver a telescope to Charlie so he can see the comet from the top of Greendale Peak.  He gets the call from Ben at the postal centre and decides PAT5 – a shiny new motorbike – is the best suited vehicle.  When leaving the sorting centre, he is also given a SatNav device which he jokes and calls cat nav, as Jess goes everywhere with him already.

At any rate, he loads up, shoots by the garage to see Ted and top up with some petrol and on his way.  Shows up just minutes after the SCHOOL1 mini bus has already left loaded with the kids to head to the summit.  Starts to try and find them, subsequently getting lost.  Good job he has the Cat & SatNav as his mobile is out of range.

With utilisation of the tools at hand, he tracks the kids down just in time and again “Mission Accomplished!”

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A Bouncy Castle with plasters and a leaf blower

Pat and the SDS (Special Delivery Service) had to deliver a Bouncy Castle today.  Pretty easy you say?  Not so, when it comes to Postman Pat.

First he got the call from Ben, wherein the castle was bursting out of the box.  Then, they didn’t know who it was to go to.  Next, they couldn’t get it out of the warehouse.  After that, it wouldn’t fit in the van.  After finally figuring out it needed to be helicoptered to the school for end of term party (it’s no where near end of term yet), Jess decided to tear it up and subsequently deflated it.  So, bring on loads of extra plasters delivered earlier in the day.  Ok, now it’s all “plastered” up, how does it get inflated?  Of course, the leaf blower….All in a day’s work for Pencaster’s favourite post man – the head of Special Delivery and the one who makes everyone smile!

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Three vehicles in one day – and some balloons!

Today was pretty good in Postman Pat land, in that he woke up and took Julian to school in PAT1.  Got to the office and realised he had to deliver a box that kept floating a bit (not sure what might be in it), so put it in PAT2.  Went to the mechanic and found it was a balloon set and subsequently lost it, oops!  Well, with the help of the town mechanic and the local PC, realised he needed PAT3, the super duper helicpoter and eventually saved the day as normal!  Good goin Pat!  Only problem is that he didn’t need to use the motorcycle…Oh well, maybe next time.

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Those pesky robots…

Today Pat has to go collect some robots to help sort the mail as the main mail sorter breaks down.  However, when collecting the robots, he doesn’t listen to the capabilities of the robotos and doesn’t heed notice to the fact they have super hearing.  When transporting them back to HQ, he mentions a car wash and off the robots go – although he isn’t to get them wet!

When they get to the car wash and subsequently get wet, they go bonkers and start tearing through the city!  Pat, as always comes to the rescue and turns them off and Alf fixes them and dries them out, making them as good as new again.  Back to HQ it is and they sort the mail and mend the broken bits and happy days, Special Delivery Accomplished!  All in a day’s work and all he needed was PAT2!

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Is iPlayer all it’s lived up to be?

Well, for the past few days I’ve lived on the edge waiting until every evening i get home to watch Postman Pat on iPlayer.  Tonight I must say though I’m most disappointed.  I’ve come home to catch Postman Pat on iPlayer but unfortunately iPlayer says it doesn’t have it available.  It was on BBC2 at 8:30 this morning, but at 21:36 this evening yet it still isn’t available on iPlayer.  I’ll have to send the BBC a letter asking them what exactly I’m paying for…

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Pat delivers a teepee, but no helicopter today

In today’s episode, Pat is set to deliver a teepee for the kids, as a surprise for their completion of a treasure hunt.  He gets the call from HQ to which he promptly returns to find the letter with directions to the finish point.  He loses the letter and subsequently has to do the treasure hunt himself.

Only drawback to this episode is Pat drives PAT2 for the entire episode.  When he finds the kids final destination is an island – where the teepee needs delivering to – I would have had him head back to HQ and deliver it with the PAT3 chopper!  Oh well, wonder what we have in store for tomorrow!

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Postman Pat gets a mobile, a flash new wagon and a helicopter

Everyone’s little buddy Postman Pat and Jess his black and white cat has had a bit of a time warp recently.  In his most recent episode, aired today (catch it on BBC’s iPlayer), he gets some cool new gear.  The Royal Mail is in the money as Pat gets the 21st century upgrade:

PAT2 – A new larger van to help accompany PAT1

PAT3 – A helicopter to help deliver cows that get stuck on cliffs (see the episode above)

A new mobile phone!

Pat, you’re ready for the 21st century mate, and you and your cat Jess rock!  Only thing you need now is to replace Jess with a dog!

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