So, you have an old PC or you have a PC that doesn’t have a DVD player and you want to install Windows 7 because its the coolest thing since sliced bread.  What are your options?  You can either buy a DVD player, burn multiple CD’s or even better yet – why not make a bootable and installable W7 USB stick!!!  What do you need?  Windows 7 files, and a USB drive with 4 GB (or more) free.

How do you do it?

  1. Insert said USB stick with more than 4 GB of space
  2. Open a command prompt in admin mode
  3. Type “diskpart”
  4. Enter
  5. Type “list disk”
  6. Enter
  7. Find which disk is your USB drive (look in the column Size free to match it up)
  8. Type “Select Disk X” replacing X with the number of your USB drive
  9. Enter
  10. Type “Clean”
  11. Enter
  12. Type “Create Partition Primary”
  13. Enter
  14. Type “Select Partition 1”
  15. Enter
  16. Type “Active”
  17. Enter
  18. Type “Format FS=NTFS QUICK”
  19. Enter
  20. Type “Assign”
  21. Enter
  22. Type “Exit”
  23. Enter
  24. Copy the contents of the W7 Files to the root of your USB (as if it were the bootable DVD)