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The iPad “availability” problem


ipad-large As I’ve made it clear before, I’ll ensure to say it once again to preface this post.  I am a Microsoft MVP and 80% or more of my day involves Microsoft technologies.  Therefore I know them quite well (or at least I hope and think so) and I know they have their fair share of problems.  The community try to fix them, we are aware of them and we don’t admit to being perfect. Now, that said, let’s look at Sleeping Beauty’s (Apple) latest incarnation.

The iPad was hailed with great success in the US when it launched.  Heck, they sold 300,000 units on launch day…great, right? (we won’t compare that to the Windows 7 launch ;-)  At any rate, I digress.  Today they reference this “launch success” and have decided to put more of a global launch on hold for now…

Now, the cynic in me says, is this really due to it’s success?  I think not, and here’s why…

Anyone who is in the IT business will tell you that if you make too many units (let’s say 1,000,000) over time they’ll sell.  They might not sell like you wanted them to initially, but they’ll sell.  If Microsoft would have only had 300,000 copies of Windows 7 DVD’s available on launch day would the fact that “it’s popular” have flown with the consumer base?  No.

Did Apple run out of iPods or have they ever run out of iPods when they launch them?  No. Did they have almost sufficient demand for the iPhone, yep. Have they ever been short of Mac Books or Mac Book Pros on launch days? Nope…

OK, so success motives over, let’s look at what really Apple’s PR is trying to do.  This extra month (at present) that they’re blaming the success on, actually let’s them figure out why the iPad didn’t work on launch day in the first place.  What do I mean?  Let’s take a look at Apple’s support forum.  Riddled with wireless problems. Let’s look at one the major critics of IT, TechCrunch and SlashGear, all reporting wireless issues awry. Let’s try and Bing “ipad wireless”.  Does it come back with the Apple site and the fact the iPad has wireless?  No, it comes back with loads of errors and “fixes” for functionality that should work out of box, should it not?

Again, I’m not trying to say Microsoft is perfect or that Apple is rubbish (I’ll admit, I’ve got a Mac Book Pro and I really like it and I have an Apple TV too), however what I am saying is that someone in the PR department in Apple has concocted a great idea to try and cover up what really isn’t a supply problem.  This supply problem is actually a development cycle wherein we’ll see a new rev of the firmware between the US release and the overseas launch…Mark my words.

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"Laptop Hunters" – I’m a PC

In Microsoft’s latest attempt to try gain momentum in the laptop market – meet Lauren.  She’s has a set of defined goals:

  • Laptop
  • 17" screen
  • Under $1000

What’s she do?  Visits the Apple store and finds a 13" macbook which meets two of three criteria, however not all three.  So, head on down the street and have a look at the PC market…Wowzers, choice – larger hard drive, more memory…Sure most Mac aficionados will always go Mac, but this is about the average consumer in a market like today, especially during times like these.  Take a look at Lauren’s adventure and see just why Apple is now on the defensive:

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In various other posts about IE and the EU and people who like to have a quick pop at Microsoft because they are the massive software company they are, I’ve thought…if it is held up (which it is bound to be) that Microsoft has to put in code to allow the removal of IE8, shouldn’t the same be done of Apple and Quicktime?  If people are making Microsoft write code around one of the things they take pride in engineering to take us forward in to Web 2.0 and 3.0 and now those against IE are asking for it to be removed, Apple, who ship their product QuickTime with every Mac should be forced to put in code to allow it to be removed, shouldn’t they?

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EU Says Mozilla can join them against Microsoft


safari512px Today the EU has told Mozilla they are allowed to join them in the anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft packaging Internet Explorer with their Operating Systems.  I’ve blogged about this before but it brings up some interesting thoughts…If they let Mozilla onboard, will others soon follow?  Opera?  Apple..

Oh wait, there’s an interesting one.  Apple.  Should they join in the "lets all join forces against Microsoft" battle, what could come of them?  Have you ever installed OSX?  If you haven’t, it comes with something called Safari, oh yeah, that’s a browser isn’t it?  That gives them an unfair advantage doesn’t it?

Let’s see what the folks in Brussels decide to feed us for dinner this time.  Maybe Windows 7 won’t be 6 versions after all…maybe it will be 24. 

6 "standard" versions

6 with IE but without Media Player (K)

6 with Media player but without IE (N)

6 without IE and without Media Player (E)

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iPhone…You need one!

iphone-07-01-09-1So I went to the high street the other day and got one of these beauties to try…had it for 24 hours and then had to turn it back in.  What did I do on the 25th hour?  Went and bought one.  If you haven’t had the chance to try the iPhone out or see it in action, it has loads of functionality and can do just about everything you need a phone/PDA to do.  Try one for yourself and you’ll never go back to the Nokia or Sony Ericson

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Happy Birthday iPod

On this day 7 years ago, the iPod was born.  Hard to believe its been that long yet it seems like it’s been around forever.  One thing is for sure, it has definitely changed the way music is listened to as well as the presentation of music in the form of devices.  Oh yeah, it’s shown quite a bit about how to use technology in various ways too (flash memory, skipping, etc.).

Thanks Steve and your boys and happy birthday iPod!

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Apple stock down – next to go up with the brick

All within one week Apple have had a fake heart attack for Steve Jobs and the looming announcement of a “brick”.  What’s that mean?  Well, it means their stock went down when Jobs’ fake heart attack was announced and then (well I’m guessing) it will go back up as the announcement of the brick looms.  What exactly is the brick?  Well, many think it is the new location that is to be building new MacBooks.

Watch this space and watch AAPL (not too much else on the stock market is doing too well, so someone has to!)

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I Need This Office!

Trolling through my blog lists tonight and I came across this bloke’s setup.  Wow, I need this office.  Even better yet, it’s all driven by a Mac!

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OS X 10.5.5 seems slooooow

OK, so being a technologist I’m quick to install patches where others aren’t but today I’m feeeling the brunt of the 10.5.5 upgrade on my MacBook Pro.  I installed it last night and when I woke up this morning it took forever and a day to finally finish its install.  So, letting it do the OSX thing as it does (showing you the flair background), I let it install and update files and then shut it down.  Just got home from golf to boot this new 10.5.5 up and what do I get…It’s like trying to run through treacle.  All I can hope for is that the “caching” feature that is explained as a bug fix/feature works better over time sort of like the prefetcher of Windows or I’ll solely be disappointed in 10.5.5 as I don’t see much benefit from the upgrade yet, other than more time to take a quick drink while waiting for the whirly-gig (no hourglasses in OSX).

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Apple Genius…Now Microsoft Guru

In attempts to take on the Apple Genius culture, wherein Apple employees know the ins and outs of Apple, Microsoft is now creating a Guru culture.  To initially start in a select number of Best Buy stores, the Guru will make a reported $20/hour and need to know the ins and outs of Vista – as well as be able to take a load of flack.  Are you interested?  For more information visit Microsoft Retail Live for an application or see if there is a city near you that is looking for a Guru.  Note, MCT/MCTS suggested.

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