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Which Browser Would You Like?

As from March 1, Microsoft has been made to show a browser ballot screen in the European Union in order to give users more “choice” over their Internet browsing experience.  The BBC have covered this and contacted an “external source” Richard Quick, who is a web designer and is criticising the ballot choice for lack of options:

Interestingly enough, I really see this as a PR stunt for Mr Quick, who’s website is linked from the BBC Article (It’s called Successful Sites) and on it says coming soon.  However, as a graphics designer, I’d like to pose a question to Mr Quick (who if he’s a designer – uses a Mac)…

Mr Quick, can you tell me which browser options you get when you use an Apple?  Answer: Safari only.  Why is that not an anti-trust lawsuit?

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The BBC sticks it to us (yet) again

So, it’s official.  We pay for the likes of Jonathan Ross and Russell Brandt to take the piss out of people…we pay for a service (iPlayer) to only be available to us while we’re at home (i.e. coming from a UK IP address) and now it’s been noted that we pay for HD service that is sub-par.  Thanks Auntie.

In the recent news release of the BBC, they’ve told us that normal HD service runs – with their *new* encoders – at 9.7 Mbps, whereas the older ones used to run at 16 Mbps…Go figure, let’s downgrade right, as we’ve probably had to pay for fines for phone-in competitions ran wrongly, stupid things our employees do and who knows what else that, us as the British public have the fun of paying £140 per year for!

I guess if it’s anything, at least they’ve reported on their own faults (the downgrade), yet their unwilling to admit it has affected the service:

Oh and yeah, let us not forget in order to get this channel if we have Sky (even though we pay our TV License) we still have to pay yet an addition £10 per month…

</soap box>

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I know just a bit about technology – maybe I should work for the BBC

Interestingly enough there have been reports of Windows 7 having Black Screen of Death issues and as journalists are, the BBC were keen to break this story to us:

here I quote them though:

“The firm said it was looking into reports that suggest its latest security update, issued on 10 November, was the cause the problem. Reports suggest the flaw also affects Vista, XP and other systems.”

Interesting guys…First let me correct your English. I think you mean the cause *of* the problem (no worries, you’re only missing a word). However, moreover, if we read further in to the article, it says it affects Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and NT.

STOP PRESS, if this recent update issued on 10 November did the OS in and is causing BSOD’s, it can’t be part of 2000 and NT as they haven’t had patches released for ages now. Also, I like how they write the article, in the first section they say the problem is an update, yet section two is entitled “unknown problem”.  OK BBC, do they know what the problem is or is it unknown still at this point?

Man alive, I really need a job writing technology stories for Auntie as it seems any old English and any lack of preparation will make any story top of the tech page! Let’s try and scare monger those who are already afraid of technology in to not wanting to update their PC’s….Oh wait, good idea, that’s the key to any good virus story.

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Mooo-ve over, here comes my cow

In news of the strange a BBC Reporter has filmed a cow riding in the back passenger seat of a car in Beirut.  While out for another job he said he "just had to record it".  Check out the footage for yourself, it’s one you won’t want to miss:


Children in Need Day

Today, Friday November 14, 2008 is Children in Need day.  Yup, good old Pudsey is out to try and help gather more money for chairity and to try and help those children who aren’t as privildged as some of the rest of us.  If you live in the UK and can help him you can go to the BBC’s website:

or you can call 03457 33 22 33 and donate.

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Is iPlayer all it’s lived up to be?

Well, for the past few days I’ve lived on the edge waiting until every evening i get home to watch Postman Pat on iPlayer.  Tonight I must say though I’m most disappointed.  I’ve come home to catch Postman Pat on iPlayer but unfortunately iPlayer says it doesn’t have it available.  It was on BBC2 at 8:30 this morning, but at 21:36 this evening yet it still isn’t available on iPlayer.  I’ll have to send the BBC a letter asking them what exactly I’m paying for…

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Postman Pat gets a mobile, a flash new wagon and a helicopter

Everyone’s little buddy Postman Pat and Jess his black and white cat has had a bit of a time warp recently.  In his most recent episode, aired today (catch it on BBC’s iPlayer), he gets some cool new gear.  The Royal Mail is in the money as Pat gets the 21st century upgrade:

PAT2 – A new larger van to help accompany PAT1

PAT3 – A helicopter to help deliver cows that get stuck on cliffs (see the episode above)

A new mobile phone!

Pat, you’re ready for the 21st century mate, and you and your cat Jess rock!  Only thing you need now is to replace Jess with a dog!

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