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Yet (another) reason why I don’t like Google…

As someone who uses a computer on a daily basis to do my work (you tend to do that as a computer engineer and consultant), I have various Operating Systems installed and I also have various browsers installed. One of those browsers happens to be Google Chrome. Admittedly I rarely use it as I most frequent IE – and no it’s not because I’m a Microsoft “Fan Boy” or an MVP, I just find it easier to use, not to mention most websites are designed for it (for whatever reason)…Anyways, today I went out to get a new mouse mat as my new desk is reflective and my infrared mouse won’t track anywhere on it…Upon my return home, I was greeted with the following in my system tray:

google update or not

Hmm, “There’s a new version of Google Chrome available…Try it out (already installed)”. Ok, bells and whistles. New version, but it’s already installed you say…Did you install it or did I? If I did, is there really a new version? Is this from Google or is it some sort of Malware/Spyware and maybe my Security Essentials definitions are out of date…Let’s try the link and see what that returns (for those wondering, the link points to  Essentially that page says:

When Google Chrome hasn’t been used for an extended period of time, you may see a little pop-up appear on your screen, asking whether you want to give the latest version of the browser a try or whether you want to uninstall the browser from your computer. Since Google Chrome updates itself automatically, you’ll have a new and improved version of the browser waiting for you to try if you select the first option. If you decide that you’d rather not use Google Chrome, you can uninstall it. We hope you’ll tell us why in the survey you’ll get as part of the uninstall process.

Wow, so essentially that means Google has installed code on my system (even though when I installed it I wasn’t made aware of this nor did I have a choice to disable what is the “Google Update Service (gupdate)”). So similar to a time bomb, just waiting to go off, as it has today they have installed a service…Interesting as these guys are the ones who say Internet Explorer is doing wrong by being part of the Operating System…Last time I checked, I had options with Internet Explorer as to what it did, how often it did things and least of all, when it was running (and moreover, what data it is sending and when)…

So, Google, want to tell us what else your “Google Update Service (gupdate)” might be doing? I know one thing’s for sure…You won’t be getting any more data from my machine, as there is no more Chrome on it…

Oh, by the way, I uninstalled Chrome, yet guess what, you’re “Google Update Service (gupdate)” service is still there, albeit in the definition of it, it clearly states:

Keeps your Google software up to date. If this service is disabled or stopped, your Google software will not be kept up to date, meaning security vulnerabilities that may arise can’t be fixed and features may not work. This service uninstalls itself when there is no Google software using it.

Aah, how marketing companies like to lie, lie and lie again.

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Google seems on the back foot

In an attempt to try and take more of the browser war, in a potential (what I’m guessing) effort to help bolster their anticipation for their new Chrome OS (and potentially Wave – see later), Google now realises their “footprint” isn’t as large as it seems and has put on what I’d call a heavy marketing effort…Over the New Year, I visited London only to be inundated with loads of Google Chrome adverts all over the London Underground:

google long adverts LUL

They were in almost every underground station as well as in Piccadilly Circus and other various locations in London.  According to W3Schools:

W3Schools is a website for people with an interest for web technologies. These people are more interested in using alternative browsers than the average user. The average user tends to use Internet Explorer, since it comes preinstalled with Windows. Most do not seek out other browsers.

These facts indicate that the browser figures above are not 100% realistic. Other web sites have statistics showing that Internet Explorer is used by at least 80% of the users.

It seems that 80% of most users today use IE in some way, shape or form.  Furthermore, what is interesting is if we look at Google’s ad:

google advert specifics

Down at the bottom it clearly reads:

A fast, new browser made for everyone

Also in their advert it says 6 tabs open, 0 crashes and 1 browser.  Well, I’m sure they’re aware, all browsers these days do tabs and rarely crash, unless you’re doing something dodgy with them.  However, when dissecting the “fast” bit, maybe Google HQ filters out Microsoft pages, as here is an interesting one to visit:

Interestingly enough, Myth 1 goes in to detail about speed and actually says that most web pages today, the speed differentiation is minimal if at all even there.  And, for those of you that say – Justin – you sing the Microsoft praises and that’s a Microsoft page, surely it’s going to have tainted facts, try visiting this independent third party review:

And, yes while his review does point out that IE was consuming more memory, his tests were with the initial launch of IE 8 on Vista.  If you look at IE 8 on Windows 7, you’ll find it utilises around 50MB, less than that of Chrome.

So, in summary?  I’m not saying Chrome isn’t going to take a chunk of the browsing market from Microsoft, but I think Google is realising with this mass marketing exercise that they aren’t the entirely big powerhouse they thought they originally were and when launching Chrome their anticipated numbers weren’t what they wanted them to be (and based on looking at this advert, it assumedably is trying to tie Chrome in with their new Wave offering as well as Chrome OS – lines 2, 4, and 5?).  Surely, watch this space, but until Chrome makes browsing *easier*, not faster (because in all actuality, it isn’t boys, is it – be honest), the mass majority of the public will continue using IE.

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IE 8 isn’t as bad as it’s being made out to be….really

browsers Firefox has recently released a new browser as has Apple in Safari and Opera are about to as well.  Quite a few people slate IE8 and say that it’s the worst of the lot…Well, LifeHacker have done some more tests to show that IE8 is one of the better all-rounders.  Google Chrome does quite well, but it’s not really that good at rendering, Firefox simply eats memory and well, Safari, you work better on your native hardware, so for the time being we probably won’t be seeing you in the PC arena…

The only question I would ask is why did they conduct the test with Windows XP?  That won’t be around much longer, and very few people who will be using these browsers will be using XP.  C’mon guys.  Make the tests a bit more real next time – why not even go out on a limb and try them on Windows 7 😉

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Earth to Chrome, anyone home?

google-chromeIn my quest to try everything – keeping an open view on things, I’m going to give Google Chrome a shot on my personal PC for a week…let’s see how I get on. I must say there will be a few hurdles as some of the apps I use require ActiveX, but aside of those, will it work like IE has for me all these years?

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If Google won’t do it, we will

Ah, the joys of the Internet, free speech and the way people are the way they are.  What am I on about?  A week or so ago, I posted about Google’s new Chrome Browser (and the pretty comic book they deployed with it).  One of the main complaints I had about it was there was no Mac version and it was “coming soon”.  Well, don’t give computer geeks what they want and, well, they’ll develop it themselves.  Queue CrossOver Chromium.

CrossOver Chromium is a proof-of-concept release using Wine to show how the Google Chrome browser does work and can easily be ported to the Mac platform.  CrossOver says they did this to prove a point.  It seems Google would like to run Chrome natively in Mac OSX and not via CrossOver and they were after the Windows market first…however, here’s just to show it can be done.

Good on ya CrossOver.

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Browsers and Petrol

So today in the UK we’ve been told that the raw price of petrol has dropped 25% yet we’re paying more.  Recently here at 227 Volts we’ve been talking about beta browsers.  What do those two have to do with the price of fish?  Petrol makes you go and browsing is all about who can go fast, so here we go…who goes fastest?

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The Google Comic Book – a.k.a. Chrome Browser

So over on the official Google blog today, they say they’ve got a “Fresh take on browsing”…introducing Google Chrome.  A browser with comic book appeal….

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