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It’s Here, so download and install – but PLEASE * 27 – do a fresh install

For those of you technophiles who haven’t been living under a rock, you know that today, August 6th, 2009, Microsoft are releasing the code for Windows 7.  For those of you that have TechNet Plus or MSDN Subscriptions, the wait is over:


So, go out and download it now.  HOWEVER, PLEASE * 27 (why 27?  Well, it’s my favourite number), but anyways, PLEASE do a fresh install.  DO NOT UPGRADE.  Yes, I know you can upgrade it, but why would you want to?  The first thing anyone who is going to potentially support you will ask is – did you do a fresh install?  If your answer is no, ask yourself why!  If something went wrong during the Beta or the RC which you might have loaded, guess what, you bring that bad stuff along with you.  A fresh install is always better.

So, you ask, how do you get TechNet Plus or MSDN if you don’t have it?  Well, the easiest way is to visit TechEd.  Not only do you get good information from all the great speakers like my colleague Andy Malone, or even me & Erdal Ozkaya, you get a FREE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to TechNet Plus and with it comes Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 when it comes out.

So, now I’ve said that, what are you waiting for?  Go get the code complete, install it and let us know what you think…where you say?  Well, naturally over at Springboard – – you’re one stop resource for Discover > Explore > Pilot > Deploy > Manage

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Windows 7 RC gets +5 days on the download site


As the days up to RTM continue, the guys over at Microsoft are so overwhelmed with the response to Windows 7 that they’ve decided to extend the download of the RC until August 20, 2009 (it used to be August 15).  To download it and get a key, just go to the Downloads page and follow the instructions.

Also, don’t forget to improve the overall likeability and keep this OS going down the right track, you can still offer input on the RC.  To do this, go to:

and click on the corresponding feedback link to tell them just what you’d like changed.  If you don’t speak, remember you’ll never be heard!

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August 15 is coming fast…

If you’re thinking of experimenting with Windows 7 in upcoming days you better get downloading it fast.  Sure it is valid until March 2010, but you only have until 15 August to download the RC:

Visit the download site to get a copy and a licence key

And because it’s RC doesn’t mean you still can’t give your feedback and thoughts on it to team Microsoft.  C’mon then, what you waiting for?  Go download it today!!!

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Going, Going Gone


For those of you who got the beta in time, good on you and thanks for helping with the feedback and making Windows 7 that little bit better.  For those of you who didn’t get the chance to download Windows 7 – unfortunately it’s too late now as the official public download capability has been pulled.

If you started your download, you’ve still got a few hours left – until 09:00 Pacific Standard Time on Feb 12, 2009 – to finish your download and I suggest you get on it fast!

So, for those of you who have it, test test test and lets give good – no great feedback to ensure Windows 7 is a massive success!

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Hyper-V Free VMs

Reading across some of the blogs today and I have found some good ones.  If you’re in to testing and you don’t want to have to build the machines all the time, simply shoot over to Microsoft’s Download Site:

and you can get some Hyper-V demo machines free.  Yup, someone has already built them for you and you can use them for testing till your heart is content.  Have fun!

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