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TechEd USA 2009 – Oliver Sommer & EBS & SBS

TechEd is about learning, but its also seeing those people you know and that are influential and smart when it comes to Microsoft technologies. One of those guys is our German MVP colleague Oliver Sommer. He’s the guy who decorated his car to celebrate the launch of EBS and we tracked him down, talked to him about EBS, SBS and also the upcoming TechEd in Germany – he was excited (but didn’t like the USA beer!)

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EBS Learning Snack

Yum yum, more learning snacks from the folks at Microsoft Learning.  This time it’s on what I was telling you about end of last year:

Essential Business Server

It’s the server that fits nicely in to the under 300 SMB market.  It’s got all you need and then some – AD DS, Exchange 2007, Forefront for Exchange and Forefront Firewall, SCE and SQL if you want it.

Wow!  Learn more about EBS over with the eLearning and MSL team.

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Global EBS User Group – on Yahoo?!!?

ebslogo So, going through updates recently I’ve come across a Global Essential Business Server user group.  For those of you who haven’t tried EBS or know what it is, you really should.  It’s the perfect offering for anyone who has less than 300 people.  Forget SBS as it has too many gotchas and puts all your eggs in one basket, EBS is what you need…Anyway, I digress.  I came across this group and they offer loads of support, infact here is their exact membership description:

The Essential Business Server virtual user group mailing list is the main communication for members of the group.
Members of this group meeting regularly to discuss all aspects of supporting EBS and the companies that use it.
Because the group is virtual members can join from any locality. Consultants and IT Professionals charged with supporting EBS are welcome to join.

Here’s the funny thing though. EBS is a Microsoft offering, however, guess where you go to join the EBS Global User Group?  Yup, you guessed it, over on Yahoo! Groups.  Why not have a TechNet forum or some other sort of location for this group guys, c’mon.

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Hot off the VPC press…SCE 2007 SP1


For those of you in the SME market, if you’ve never had a look at System Center Essentials, you ought to, and what better time than now? 

What is SCE you ask?  Well, it’s a bit of SCOM and a bit of SCCM bundled up in a neat little package for those companies with less than 500 machines and 30 servers.  It was updated to SP1 to fix a few bugs, massively increase speed and just make things work better. It’s such a cool tool that Microsoft ship it with Essential Business Server 2008 now to help you manage the environment. 

At any rate, the point of this posting is to let you know not only is there a virtual on-line lab, but now Microsoft have produced a demo VHD you can download to give SCE 2007 SP1 your own test drive…Definitely cool and something you ought to consider if you manage a SME environment.

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Have SBS 2000 or 2003? Want SBS 2008 or even EBS?

Good news is there is Solutions Pathways.  This will give you credit for your old software towards the purchase of the new stuff.  Credit where credit is deserved as the old saying goes 🙂

If you’re a partner, head over to

If you’re a customer, head to the WESS site

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100 posts in less than 4 months!

Yup, the last posting about the new Essential Server Solutions, EBS and SBS was posting number 100…All of that in just shy of 4 months.  Hope you’re enjoying the tech talk (oh and a bit of Postman Pat interwoven here and there 😉 and you keep coming back for more!



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Released Today – Essential Server Solutions

Released today is Microsoft’s new Essential Server Solutions – Small Business Server 2008 and also Essential Business Server 2008.  Both very robust and both offering their own little niche.  Find more about these solutions at:

or also view the webcast launch at:

Both are definite technologies to be involved in if you come from a SMB market as they are going to take the world by storm.  Lead, follow or get rolled over! 🙂

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System Center Essentials

Right, so see the main theme?  Monitoring, management, and keeping the network patched and up.  Just did a lab on System Center Essentials and its quite cool.  Comes packaged with Essential Business Server and allows you to monitor, manage, patch and deploy things to your environment.  Definitely worth a look if you want a management tool to help you take control of the environment.  Again, similar to SCVMM, same look and feel and works pretty well overall once you get the hang of it.

Microsoft management tools – one stop shop for all management, that’s System Center.

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On November 12, 2008, Microsoft will release their new Small Business Server (SBS) as well as their new Essential Business Server (EBS) editions. Both are targeted for the Small/Medium Business segments, but they are quite a bit different in what they do and their functionality.

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