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Send me email at my web address–what?

So, I take the bus to and from work every day as I’m still a bit European in my ways. The bus company – I won’t mention any names – recently announced some new routes and as such they’ve posted announcements about the upcoming changes. Have a look at this one, which I found funny (at 6 a.m.!):

proposed route 234

The best part, which like I said, made me laugh at 6:00 a.m. was Jack’s email address in the last paragraph. If you’ve got problems you’re supposed to send him email at which makes me wonder Jack, do you want me to email you or go to the website cause that surely isn’t an SMTP compliant address.


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Is Google Undo Send really that big of a deal?

googlemail In what is still "beta" (I question that sometimes of Google – when does there software ever get out of beta stage), they have now proclaimed a NEW feature – Undo Send.  What exactly does it do?  Well, if we break it down, it does the same thing Outlook has let you do for ages.  Think before sending your email.  If you click send and then mull over your deep inner thoughts thinking, OH *!?*@, I shouldn’t have sent that, usually it’s too late.  However, what Google have done is given you an extra 5 seconds to think about it after sending.  Gee whiz, thanks Google.  Let’s look at this in Outlook now:

We open up Rules and Alerts (under the tools menu) and create a new rule:


Hmm…check messages after sending:


Defer delivery by a number of minutes, lets say 5


Give it a sensible name and ensure you turn on the rule:


Presto, we have the same functionality in Outlook.  Wow Google, that was hard.  Maybe someone should teach you about AJAX and potentially how to put in a 15 second META-REFRESH which would allow you to do the same thing?

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Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! Account Hacked? Why Yahoo! Sarah?

So, “Anonymous” has successfully hacked Alaska Senator Palin’s Yahoo! account.  Congratulations for that one, but I’ve got a question for Mrs. Palin.  Surely you should have something better for your own personal email than Yahoo!, shouldn’t you?  And at that, why two accounts that are so easily identifiable?

Well Mrs. Palin, you can’t say you didn’t see this one coming at you…Duh!

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Life before the Internet?!!?

So I got thinking this morning and I can’t really remember life without having the Internet.  I mean I know it did exist, but its been such an integral part of my life being a computer engineer and all, that it’s hard to remember not having it.  From the early days of college/university when people used to laugh at you using email to making webpages in hard core HTML to work in Netscape 3.0, ah those were the days.

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It’s all about sharing files…

I work on a lot of projects and inevitably I have to share files with someone else on the project at some time – unless of course I’m just working on the project myself 🙂  Easy, right?  Just send them an email…Nope, therein lies the heart/crux of the problem (and the project just started)…

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