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Google seems on the back foot

In an attempt to try and take more of the browser war, in a potential (what I’m guessing) effort to help bolster their anticipation for their new Chrome OS (and potentially Wave – see later), Google now realises their “footprint” isn’t as large as it seems and has put on what I’d call a heavy marketing effort…Over the New Year, I visited London only to be inundated with loads of Google Chrome adverts all over the London Underground:

google long adverts LUL

They were in almost every underground station as well as in Piccadilly Circus and other various locations in London.  According to W3Schools:

W3Schools is a website for people with an interest for web technologies. These people are more interested in using alternative browsers than the average user. The average user tends to use Internet Explorer, since it comes preinstalled with Windows. Most do not seek out other browsers.

These facts indicate that the browser figures above are not 100% realistic. Other web sites have statistics showing that Internet Explorer is used by at least 80% of the users.

It seems that 80% of most users today use IE in some way, shape or form.  Furthermore, what is interesting is if we look at Google’s ad:

google advert specifics

Down at the bottom it clearly reads:

A fast, new browser made for everyone

Also in their advert it says 6 tabs open, 0 crashes and 1 browser.  Well, I’m sure they’re aware, all browsers these days do tabs and rarely crash, unless you’re doing something dodgy with them.  However, when dissecting the “fast” bit, maybe Google HQ filters out Microsoft pages, as here is an interesting one to visit:

Interestingly enough, Myth 1 goes in to detail about speed and actually says that most web pages today, the speed differentiation is minimal if at all even there.  And, for those of you that say – Justin – you sing the Microsoft praises and that’s a Microsoft page, surely it’s going to have tainted facts, try visiting this independent third party review:

And, yes while his review does point out that IE was consuming more memory, his tests were with the initial launch of IE 8 on Vista.  If you look at IE 8 on Windows 7, you’ll find it utilises around 50MB, less than that of Chrome.

So, in summary?  I’m not saying Chrome isn’t going to take a chunk of the browsing market from Microsoft, but I think Google is realising with this mass marketing exercise that they aren’t the entirely big powerhouse they thought they originally were and when launching Chrome their anticipated numbers weren’t what they wanted them to be (and based on looking at this advert, it assumedably is trying to tie Chrome in with their new Wave offering as well as Chrome OS – lines 2, 4, and 5?).  Surely, watch this space, but until Chrome makes browsing *easier*, not faster (because in all actuality, it isn’t boys, is it – be honest), the mass majority of the public will continue using IE.

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Using a TechEd Kiosk – Why Not Go InPrivate

It’s been deemed as controversial by some and others simply refer to it as “porn mode” however, here at TechEd, with all of the CommNet as public as your details on Facebook, there’s no better time to utilise a feature of IE 8 than the present:

in private browsing

InPrivate browsing.  With this, your trails are hidden from the next user.  In just a random survey of a few (more than the fingers on two hands) CommNet PC’s I’ve tried this morning, if I open the history (CTRL + H), I can see who’s been checking mail and what else has been happening on EVERY machine I’ve tested.  Not very security conscious I must say attendees!

Next time you use the CommNet or a kiosk PC, think twice before using the already open browser, close it and use the jump list (you do know what that is, right?) to start IE in InPrivate mode and cover your tracks and history!

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A Game of 8’s with IE8

1 in 8 Americans suffers from hunger

Internet Explorer recently released version 8

Combine those two and what do you get?  Well, for everyone who downloads IE8 from Microsoft will donate 8 meals to Feeding America….C’mon, you might not like the browser that much, but give it a try and think who you might be helping!

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IE8 – Get It While It’s Hot

ie8 Have you got it yet?  Well if you haven’t you better head over to Microsoft’s website and get the fastest thing this side of the Mississippi (remember spelling that as a kid?) river!  It’s IE8 and its here for you to have a go on:

Download Here!

Don’t worry, if you don’t like it you can always roll back to IE7 (or for those of you who like lawsuits – there’s always Firefox)…


TechNet April 2009 Released


In a world where we are using less and less paper (and in the UK you aren’t going to even be able to get a print version), TechNet April 2009 has been released.

Some topics covered:

  • – IE8
  • – Active Directory
  • – OCS
  • – Windows HPC Server 2008

Go check it out! (small note, they might want to change the ALT tag on the magazine – DOH!)

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For all those who hate IE, quit whining

…You finally got it.  If you visit the Engineering Windows 7 team blog you’ll find that due to the fact so many people whinged about it, they’ve put in a tick box so that you can remove Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7 if you want.  Mind, now they’ve put that option in, I’m sure there will be those who want IE removed will soon be complaining that some other feature isn’t code complete, due to the fact the tick box had to be put in to allow removal of IE…

Now, for those of you who hate Internet Explorer, what else do you want to complain about?  At least Microsoft is listening, where as Mozilla….well when was the last time they took any comments on board?


IE 8 isn’t as bad as it’s being made out to be….really

browsers Firefox has recently released a new browser as has Apple in Safari and Opera are about to as well.  Quite a few people slate IE8 and say that it’s the worst of the lot…Well, LifeHacker have done some more tests to show that IE8 is one of the better all-rounders.  Google Chrome does quite well, but it’s not really that good at rendering, Firefox simply eats memory and well, Safari, you work better on your native hardware, so for the time being we probably won’t be seeing you in the PC arena…

The only question I would ask is why did they conduct the test with Windows XP?  That won’t be around much longer, and very few people who will be using these browsers will be using XP.  C’mon guys.  Make the tests a bit more real next time – why not even go out on a limb and try them on Windows 7 😉

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Internet Explorer 8 and “In Privacy”

So the Internet Explorer team have been quite busy over at Microsoft readying IE 8 and offering some new features and options…One of the cool ones from what I can see so far is something that certain firewall programs currently offer and one you see in Outlook, but now to have it as part of IE is all the better.

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