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Yanks put the ky-bosh on new gTLD’s

The US Government has temporarily put the brakes on new plans to expand the gTLD’s on the internet. Currently there are 21 gTLDs (.com, .net…) and plans were to expand this exponentially, but the US Government doesn’t like the idea and has offered great criticism. They’ve sent two letters to the bodies in charge stating their this space if you were interested in buying .yournamehere


This is your brain…this is your brain on Internet

Professors from UCLA have concluded that the average brain of a daily Internet “surfer/user” is more utilised than that of someone who just reads as a hobby.  Let’s look at what normal brain activity is like when reading:

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London (Mayfair) Internet Stolen

In news of the strange, yesterday theives broke in to a BT Exchange in London, just outside Guy Ritchie’s house and, yep, the stole over £2 million worth of kit out of it, subsequently taking down the internet for loads of posh folks in the London, Mayfair area.  BT are currently investigating this and trying to get service back up and running, but it seems this incident has sent the residents back 20 years now – giving them a virtual Internet black-out.  Glad it wasn’t me, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to post this 🙂

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The world is getting smaller…

Yesterday I was thinking, isn’t it interesting how people end up in the places they do…  In today’s ever changing world, connected by the Internet, anyone can literally be anywhere doing just about anything.

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Life before the Internet?!!?

So I got thinking this morning and I can’t really remember life without having the Internet.  I mean I know it did exist, but its been such an integral part of my life being a computer engineer and all, that it’s hard to remember not having it.  From the early days of college/university when people used to laugh at you using email to making webpages in hard core HTML to work in Netscape 3.0, ah those were the days.

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