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I get interviewed by Korean MVP Sung Ki Park

While at summit, Erdal and I did a load of interviews of other MVP’s and their experiences.  What we didn’t realise is that one of the MVP’s wanted us to do an interview for him in return.  Watch and enjoy as Sung Ki Park, a Windows Desktop Experience MVP from Korea, interviews me and I try my hardest to understand Korean 🙂

Oh and make sure you wait till the end to see the best bit 🙂

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Being an MCT

Last week I had a chance to visit the Microsoft EOC (EMEA Operations Centre) in Dublin.  If you’ve read some of the other posts I’ve made you’ve seen some of the interviews I did with my fellow colleagues…Long and short of it was we were there with Microsoft Learning to try and help improve two courses – 6416C and 10159A.  One is on Windows Server 2003 – Windows Server 2008 skills and the later is on Windows Server 2008 R2 skills.  Anyways, I digress. 

One other thing we got to do while there was discuss what it was like being an MCT and what we commonly got up to and why we became MCT’s and also how we like to help others by teaching and sharing our knowledge.  I got to be a part of this interview for Microsoft with fellow colleagues Dave Franklyn and Andre Williams…Have a sneak peek at it here and find out just what it’s like to be an MCT (and, no we don’t get paid a lot nor do we get to drink a lot of beer – watch the video to see what I’m alluding to 🙂 Oh, and if you’re wondering – yes that’s XBox Girl in the background hanging out with us!! 🙂

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See MVP’s at TechEd…serious

So, every visit to TechEd is about education, swag gathering and clueing up on more Microsoft 1’s and 0’s, right…Well, occassionally (ok every TechEd) you see the MVP’s going around answering questions in the TLC and also in the Hands On Labs areas, but not only are we there to help you, we’re also there to see each other.  One of the fun things about all conferences is that we all get to get together again and share stories.  I was privileged enough this TechEd to meet up with Karen Young from the MVP team and share my experiences along with my colleague Erdal about TechEd, our love for helping the community, and a few other things…Watch and enjoy, I’m sure you’ll find humour in it 🙂  In fact, if you’re at a TechEd in the future, stop by the MVP booth or even stop by and see either Erdal, myself or Karen.  You’ll be glad you did 🙂

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TechEd – Justin & Erdal

At the Windows Embedded party, MCT Randy Muller interviews Erdal and Justin about Springboard.

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TechEd – Ducati

On scene with the Ducati bike being given away at TechEd North America 2009 and how Springboard is like a Ducati.

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TechEd – Source Force & TechNet Online

We meet quickly with Jenny from the Source Force team and TechNet Online.

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TechEd – Windows Client

In this video Erdal and I talk to Ali Parker from the Windows Client team about Springboard, and TechEd North America 2009.

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TechEd – Microsoft Learning

Springboard on the road again, this time talking with Dana Calleja from Microsoft Learning.

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TechEd – Windows Server 2008 & Edge

Erdal and I speak with Joey Snow about Server 2008 R2 and also Springboard (sorry about the sound, we’ll try and get a better take on this one)

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TechEd – Hyper-V

Here, Erdal and I take Springboard to talk with the Hyper-V team about what’s new, what Hyper-V is and also about how Springboard is involved with Hyper-V.

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