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NetNewsWire + FeedDemon + NewsGator = Synced Cross Platform RSS Reading!

One is made for the Mac, the other the PC – both RSS readers.  When coupled with the other service run by their company, NewsGator, you can have both read the same RSS feeds and also synchronise what articles you’ve read from your subscribed feeds, all with the comfort of a zero cost!  I must say in the initial tests, I’m well impressed.  If you have to swap between a Mac and a PC and you use RSS (let’s see, RSS reading IT people must be what, about 90% of the population?), give this tandem/trio a try.  You’ll be most impressed.

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I’m a PC (Mac)

Now that Microsoft are doing their “I’m a PC” push, there has been a great ad created for Mac – which is copied and pasted from some other adverts.  It’s the Mac guy that appears in all the normal Apple ads saying he’s a PC too, as Mac OSX can run Windows applications.  Great…See it here

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I’m A PC (but was created on a mac)

Yup, it’s been revelaled.  The new “I’m a PC” adverts (after the quick sacking of Mr. Seinfeld), which are to help Microsoft re-gain some of the personal computing market, were created on a Mac.  How to reveal this?   The originating software and platform can be found in downloaded versions of the files using built-in tools on either a Mac running Mac OS X or on a PC running Windows.  In Windows XP, for instance, users can view the tag by right-clicking the downloaded file, selecting Properties from the drop-down menu, then clicking the Summary tab. “Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh” appears beside “Creation Software.” On a Mac, after opening the downloaded file in Preview, users can see the tag by choosing Inspector from the Tools menu, clicking on the middle More Info tab, then clicking on the tab marked TIFF. “Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh” appears beside “Software”.

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Seinfeld must not be that funny (or worth $10 mill) after all…

It seems Microsoft have put the kai-bosh on the Seinfeld ads (or for the indefinite future so they say) as they probably aren’t working as good as they hoped.  They’ve now taken a page from the Apple book of marketing and are going for the PC/Mac advert.  Let’s see if the new ads are taken any better or more light hearted than the Seinfeld shoe store fiasco…

See, they would have been better paying me $10 million.  I could have told them more about their products than Jerry and from what I’ve been told in my evaluations, people would listen to me as well 🙂

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If Google won’t do it, we will

Ah, the joys of the Internet, free speech and the way people are the way they are.  What am I on about?  A week or so ago, I posted about Google’s new Chrome Browser (and the pretty comic book they deployed with it).  One of the main complaints I had about it was there was no Mac version and it was “coming soon”.  Well, don’t give computer geeks what they want and, well, they’ll develop it themselves.  Queue CrossOver Chromium.

CrossOver Chromium is a proof-of-concept release using Wine to show how the Google Chrome browser does work and can easily be ported to the Mac platform.  CrossOver says they did this to prove a point.  It seems Google would like to run Chrome natively in Mac OSX and not via CrossOver and they were after the Windows market first…however, here’s just to show it can be done.

Good on ya CrossOver.

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OS X 10.5.5 seems slooooow

OK, so being a technologist I’m quick to install patches where others aren’t but today I’m feeeling the brunt of the 10.5.5 upgrade on my MacBook Pro.  I installed it last night and when I woke up this morning it took forever and a day to finally finish its install.  So, letting it do the OSX thing as it does (showing you the flair background), I let it install and update files and then shut it down.  Just got home from golf to boot this new 10.5.5 up and what do I get…It’s like trying to run through treacle.  All I can hope for is that the “caching” feature that is explained as a bug fix/feature works better over time sort of like the prefetcher of Windows or I’ll solely be disappointed in 10.5.5 as I don’t see much benefit from the upgrade yet, other than more time to take a quick drink while waiting for the whirly-gig (no hourglasses in OSX).

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Isn’t my little mac smart :)

Operating systems really are a much of a muchness when it comes down to the nuts and bolts.  Both Mac OS X and Windows let you do what you need to, provided you know how.  Sure, they differ in the functionality, stability, and all the raz-a-ma-taz that surrounds the two, but really, its the foundation of the house you plan on living in, is your operating system.  One thing however, that I think is totally cool about the Mac is the ability for it to determine what is connecting to it and make pretty icons on the desktop for me…

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ebook versus kindle versus paper versus…

As technology keeps progressing these days, we have multiple options for different variations of the way we get media in to our brain…Some of the most common ones are:

  • Good old fashioned paper
  • eBooks in PDF
  • eBooks on line
  • Amazon’s Kindle

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