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TechEd USA 2009 – Oliver Sommer & EBS & SBS

TechEd is about learning, but its also seeing those people you know and that are influential and smart when it comes to Microsoft technologies. One of those guys is our German MVP colleague Oliver Sommer. He’s the guy who decorated his car to celebrate the launch of EBS and we tracked him down, talked to him about EBS, SBS and also the upcoming TechEd in Germany – he was excited (but didn’t like the USA beer!)

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100 posts in less than 4 months!

Yup, the last posting about the new Essential Server Solutions, EBS and SBS was posting number 100…All of that in just shy of 4 months.  Hope you’re enjoying the tech talk (oh and a bit of Postman Pat interwoven here and there 😉 and you keep coming back for more!



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Released Today – Essential Server Solutions

Released today is Microsoft’s new Essential Server Solutions – Small Business Server 2008 and also Essential Business Server 2008.  Both very robust and both offering their own little niche.  Find more about these solutions at:

or also view the webcast launch at:

Both are definite technologies to be involved in if you come from a SMB market as they are going to take the world by storm.  Lead, follow or get rolled over! 🙂

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SBS 2008…it’s coming

So, yesterday while we were sleeping here “across the pond” our friends in Redmond, the SBS team, decided to RTM SBS 2008.  I’ve said it in the past, I’m not a real big fan of SBS, although it does fit in to quite a few “little” markets, but it can’t be upgraded very easily…at any rate, what does this RTM mean?

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On November 12, 2008, Microsoft will release their new Small Business Server (SBS) as well as their new Essential Business Server (EBS) editions. Both are targeted for the Small/Medium Business segments, but they are quite a bit different in what they do and their functionality.

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