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Dear SeaTac, I upgraded your kiosk for you

So the other day I flew in to SeaTac thinking, wow, I haven’t seen any blue screens or problems recently (ok, I did see a few but didn’t have my camera), when BANG. At that moment, walking to catch the bus (yes I take the bus to and from the airport), I came across a kiosk and it had a dialogue box up. Most of the time when I come across a kiosk with a dialogue box it is usually stating it needs a reboot, however this one, strangely enough wanted to upgrade…something I don’t think should/is/was supposed to be a consumer task. At any rate, here is the kiosk:


and the close up of the kiosk:


so, I went ahead and clicked update for the version update for SeaTac. Not sure if you’re now out of EULA or your license allows you upgrades to LogMeIn or not, but hey, you gave me the chance/option to upgrade and as we all know, the newer the better and with software always use the latest and greatest, right?! Smile

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Now Boarding – Anti-Virus flights from SEA (with Alaska Air)

For those of you who commonly read MVP blog posts, you know where we all were last week, right?  Well, if you didn’t there are loads of places that will tell you we all descended on Redmond for a big summit, but the rest…Well, I’m under NDA.  However, when I was leaving Sunday, I wasn’t the only one at the airport.  Sure you say, there are loads of passengers at the airport.  Nope, this is no normal passenger.  On Sunday, February 21, Alaska Airlines had a very special passenger…He kept “popping” up everywhere…to Las Vegas:

DSCF0926 (1024x768)

…to Palm Springs

DSCF0929 (1024x768) 

…to San Diego:

DSCF0931 (1024x768)

(apologies for the fuzzy images above, I was on a bit of a recon mission without trying to get kicked out of SeaTac) :)  Who was this stray passenger?  Well, let’s have a closer look at other monitors around SeaTac:

DSCF0932 (1024x768)

DSCF0933 (1024x768)

Ah, ok it was Mr Micro.  Most people call him Trend.

What have we deduced from this lesson?

– Alaska Airlines uses Trend Micro A/V on their corporate LAN

– Ensure you make alerting silent if the machine is connected to a kiosk 🙂

Happy travels!!  

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