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Dear SeaTac, I upgraded your kiosk for you

So the other day I flew in to SeaTac thinking, wow, I haven’t seen any blue screens or problems recently (ok, I did see a few but didn’t have my camera), when BANG. At that moment, walking to catch the bus (yes I take the bus to and from the airport), I came across a kiosk and it had a dialogue box up. Most of the time when I come across a kiosk with a dialogue box it is usually stating it needs a reboot, however this one, strangely enough wanted to upgrade…something I don’t think should/is/was supposed to be a consumer task. At any rate, here is the kiosk:


and the close up of the kiosk:


so, I went ahead and clicked update for the version update for SeaTac. Not sure if you’re now out of EULA or your license allows you upgrades to LogMeIn or not, but hey, you gave me the chance/option to upgrade and as we all know, the newer the better and with software always use the latest and greatest, right?! Smile

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Windows 7 – Even my mum (yes my mum) approves


DSCF0504 (768x1024)

So, I’m on holiday this week (hence the lack of recent posts, sorry). At any rate, I live overseas and occasionally when on holiday to the USA, my mum takes the opportunity to come see me (a.k.a. hijack my holiday – just kidding mum).  Well, here we are at my Disney Vacation Club Home – Old Key West Resort, where she showed up to visit this year.  Guess what her first question was…Yep, you guessed it, “Son, can you please upgrade me to Windows 7, that’s all I’m hearing about lately”.  So, as there was a free dinner involved, I couldn’t hesitate to say no, not to mention I had an extra NFR copy in my bag itching to get installed somewhere and add another +1 to the number of (what I hoped) happy Windows 7 installations.

Without hesitation, she pulled out what she called her laptop – a Gateway (I never suggested this), and sure enough it had Vista.  Problem 1 overcome – no need to worry about migration, as with Vista we can do an upgrade.  She had Vista Home Premium x86 and my NFR copy was Ultimate x86 so as it was the same architecture and either the same level or a level higher, happy days, the upgrade was in sight.

Made a bootable USB stick and pointed it to an ISO of the Windows 7 media I had. Inserted the USB drive and ran setup (actually I had my mum do this as I was making her a guinea pig for this blog post). She ran setup and it asked a few questions and away we went.  Compatibility check, drive space check, system check, and WAIT, files installed but need a reboot. Wasn’t too clear, but after reading the instructions it copied to her desktop we realised that was what it was waiting for. Rebooted and ran setup again and presto same options, so again she chose upgrade and followed the steps and it seemed to progress a bit further, at which time I convinced her to take me to the mall to get a new pair of Reef sandals as I wasn’t an avid fan of watching paint dry (i.e. waiting for the installer).

Two hours later, upon return from the store (living overseas I had to stock up on a few other things too – Wal-Mart trips are a must), she had to answer one question and presto, Windows 7. She then logged in and was bemused by it all, only taking it in long enough for me to reload her new netbook she bought (I convinced her to bin the gateway for the netbook in the long run).  At any rate, after explaining a few of the basics she was up and running and very happy with Windows 7, more so than she ever was with Vista.

Another happy customer served (times two actually if you count her new netbook I got her). So, in the words of my mum “I’m a PC and I’m running Windows 7”!

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WordPress 2.7 Welcome!

Ok, so we’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and after a S-L-O-W FTP Server, it seems that the upgrade is finally completed, woo hoo. Admin interface is definitely funky but we’ll see how it works!

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OS X 10.5.5 seems slooooow

OK, so being a technologist I’m quick to install patches where others aren’t but today I’m feeeling the brunt of the 10.5.5 upgrade on my MacBook Pro.  I installed it last night and when I woke up this morning it took forever and a day to finally finish its install.  So, letting it do the OSX thing as it does (showing you the flair background), I let it install and update files and then shut it down.  Just got home from golf to boot this new 10.5.5 up and what do I get…It’s like trying to run through treacle.  All I can hope for is that the “caching” feature that is explained as a bug fix/feature works better over time sort of like the prefetcher of Windows or I’ll solely be disappointed in 10.5.5 as I don’t see much benefit from the upgrade yet, other than more time to take a quick drink while waiting for the whirly-gig (no hourglasses in OSX).

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