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Windows 7 – Even my mum (yes my mum) approves


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So, I’m on holiday this week (hence the lack of recent posts, sorry). At any rate, I live overseas and occasionally when on holiday to the USA, my mum takes the opportunity to come see me (a.k.a. hijack my holiday – just kidding mum).  Well, here we are at my Disney Vacation Club Home – Old Key West Resort, where she showed up to visit this year.  Guess what her first question was…Yep, you guessed it, “Son, can you please upgrade me to Windows 7, that’s all I’m hearing about lately”.  So, as there was a free dinner involved, I couldn’t hesitate to say no, not to mention I had an extra NFR copy in my bag itching to get installed somewhere and add another +1 to the number of (what I hoped) happy Windows 7 installations.

Without hesitation, she pulled out what she called her laptop – a Gateway (I never suggested this), and sure enough it had Vista.  Problem 1 overcome – no need to worry about migration, as with Vista we can do an upgrade.  She had Vista Home Premium x86 and my NFR copy was Ultimate x86 so as it was the same architecture and either the same level or a level higher, happy days, the upgrade was in sight.

Made a bootable USB stick and pointed it to an ISO of the Windows 7 media I had. Inserted the USB drive and ran setup (actually I had my mum do this as I was making her a guinea pig for this blog post). She ran setup and it asked a few questions and away we went.  Compatibility check, drive space check, system check, and WAIT, files installed but need a reboot. Wasn’t too clear, but after reading the instructions it copied to her desktop we realised that was what it was waiting for. Rebooted and ran setup again and presto same options, so again she chose upgrade and followed the steps and it seemed to progress a bit further, at which time I convinced her to take me to the mall to get a new pair of Reef sandals as I wasn’t an avid fan of watching paint dry (i.e. waiting for the installer).

Two hours later, upon return from the store (living overseas I had to stock up on a few other things too – Wal-Mart trips are a must), she had to answer one question and presto, Windows 7. She then logged in and was bemused by it all, only taking it in long enough for me to reload her new netbook she bought (I convinced her to bin the gateway for the netbook in the long run).  At any rate, after explaining a few of the basics she was up and running and very happy with Windows 7, more so than she ever was with Vista.

Another happy customer served (times two actually if you count her new netbook I got her). So, in the words of my mum “I’m a PC and I’m running Windows 7”!

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The public like W7 just a “bit” better than Vista reports show

Yesterday’s numbers are in and within the first 8 hours available to pre-order Windows 7 sold more copies than Vista did in it’s first 17 weeks.  Doing the maths, lets see….Vista took over 2856 hours to sell what Windows 7 sold in just a mere 8 hours.  That coupled with the fact that almost all pre-order sites were sold out shortly after they offered the deals show that Microsoft have listened to the consumers this time and produced something more worthwhile than Vista.

One other thing to think about, this is only consumer pre-orders…this doesn’t take in to account any of the businesses who will be migrating to Windows 7.  Here’s to a good operating system, good on you Microsoft!

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TechEd USA 2009 – "Happiness is better when you share it"

For those of you who didn’t get to stop by the Springboard booth during TechEd USA 2009 – shame on you. We had loads of happiness (and Vista) to share and here is just a short clip on what went on!

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TechEd 2009 USA – Slot Machine Mania

A common place for people congregating was in the queue at the Slot Machine provided by TechNet Plus. Well, not everyone was a winner, so Erdal & I showed up with some copies of Vista, courtesy of Springboard to try and lighten the mood!

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TCP Autotuning & Performance

Windows 7 and Vista include a "new & re-written" TCP stack that aims to take full advantage of hardware advances such as gigabit networking. Among the new features is Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level for TCP connections. TCP AutoTuning enables TCP window scaling by default and automatically tunes the TCP receive window size for each individual connection based on the bandwidth delay product (BDP) and the rate at which the application reads data from the connection, and no longer need to manually change TcpWindowSize registry key value which applies to all connection. Theoretically, with TCP auto-tuning, network connection throughput in should be improved for best performance and efficiency, without registry tweak or hack. However, this is not always the case, and may cause some Internet related issues and problems.

The workaround or solution to the above problem is to disable the TCP/IP AutoTuning. Disabling auto tuning of TCP Windows Size should not cause any negative effects, only that TCP Window Size will always at default value without ability to optimization to each connection. If there is any side effects after disabling auto tuning, simply re-enable it.

To check the state or current setting of TCP Auto-Tuning open an elevated command prompt and type:

netsh interface tcp show global

The system should display the following text on screen, where you can check the Auto-Tuning settings ( normal means it’s on – disabled means it’s … well disabled 🙂 ) 

Querying active state…

TCP Global Parameters


Receive-Side Scaling State : enabled
Chimney Offload State : enabled
Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level : normal
Add-On Congestion Control Provider : none
ECN Capability : disabled
RFC 1323 Timestamps : disabled

To disable Auto-Tuning in the elevated command prompt type:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

If it all goes pear shaped and you need to re-enable Auto-Tuning the command is:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=normal

Give it a go and see if it helps your connectivity!

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Windows 7 and the Netbook


Many people have been using Windows 7 in its early release and Beta stages – Fact.

Many people are raving about Netbooks, their portability, usage….. – Fact.

Windows 7 – in numerous tests has come out on top of Windows XP and Vista – Fact

What does this have to do with the price of bread?  Well, currently most Netbooks ship with one of two flavours of operating system – either Linux or Windows.  Most users prefer to have XP installed on the Netbook as Vista can be considered “troublesome” to deal with and overbearing on the memory, system resources, etc.  Windows XP on April 14 will go end-of-life.  This makes the Netbook quite critical and key to Windows 7 if you look big picture – IMHO.

Those who don’t like Vista or have had lash back from it’s poor performance and bad press will no doubt go for the Linux version of the netbook and as such will begin to sway the figures further from Microsoft.  Enter Windows 7.  Develop it robust enough to work on a Netbook, make it user friendly and release it around the time when people are on the fence between Vista, XP and Linux and you have a chance at winning back the masses.

Not only does this help the Windows revolution carry on, but think about it from this angle…if Microsoft develops Windows 7 to work on the Netbook (which inevitably they will do), this has positive implications on the PC market, too.  If it goes fast on a Netbook, how fast will it go on a PC?  Even faster.

Guess the question we all ask and that everyone is trying to figure out…when can we expect to see 7?

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Vista and 2008 SP2 RC

Hot off the Vista team blog, SP2 is now considered RC.  Many changes, many updates and soon to be available to you for testing.  GA set to be Q2 of this year.

Read more about the release here or alternatively jump across to the Springboard site and see if there are any new things you can find out about it!

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Like XP? Want Vista tools? Try the XP Sidebar

It seems that not everyone is keen on Vista, but like its tools, therefore someone out there has developed the Vista sidebar for working/use in XP.  Not too bad…If you want more information pop on over to LifeHacker and check it out for yourself!

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Apple Genius…Now Microsoft Guru

In attempts to take on the Apple Genius culture, wherein Apple employees know the ins and outs of Apple, Microsoft is now creating a Guru culture.  To initially start in a select number of Best Buy stores, the Guru will make a reported $20/hour and need to know the ins and outs of Vista – as well as be able to take a load of flack.  Are you interested?  For more information visit Microsoft Retail Live for an application or see if there is a city near you that is looking for a Guru.  Note, MCT/MCTS suggested.

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