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Adding the cool factor to Microsoft

With the upcoming release of Kinect for the Xbox (everyone should have gotten a system update within the past few days), Microsoft has added one other “cool” factor to the marketing push for Kinect. The executive team at Microsoft, who are prominently displayed on the Press Pass site:

have all been turned in to avatars, with the exception of Sinofsky.


I don’t see Apple doing this any time soon, nor does Nintendo have Wii characters for their executive board Smile

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The Seattle Bingball (er basketball) team

If you live in a European country, you’re probably used to seeing sporting teams wearing advertising on their tops…not so in the USA, until today. Microsoft play a key role in the Seattle community scene and have always supported the local soccer/football team the Sounders, however today they’ve announced an even larger relationship with the Seattle Storm WNBA team. The team will be sporting the Bing logo on the front of their jersey’s for the following season:


As well you can see Bing is sponsoring in the background and it will be all over if you go watch a game.  Back to the Sounders FC, they announced new jersey’s also:

xbox jerseys

So, as you can see, Microsoft is putting back in to the community in which its involved.

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MCT Band – Take two

After making a few alterations, we’re back for an encore!

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MCT Band Take 1

So, during a day of hard work at TechEd how does an MCT wind down? Playing Guitar Hero on the XBOX 360, naturally!

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Xbox still more popular than PS3

xbox-logoReuters has released a story detailing that the Xbox sold 28 million units in 2008 making it more popular than the Sony PS3 by over 8 million units. That means Sony didn’t even top the measly 20 million mark…

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