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T-180 and counting Heathrow (and that’s not a terminal or gate number)

So, travelling to Seattle today I got the joy of using London Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 for the first time.  Normally I fly with Virgin, so I’m usually flying from Gatwick or the posh terminal 3.  However today saw me seeing this:

DSCF1021 (1024x768) DSCF1022 (1024x768) DSCF1023 (1024x768)

I must say, two thumbs up to the architects.  Clean, airy, light, fancy.  However, beauty is only skin deep right?  Let’s look at the monitors:

DSCF1018 (1024x768)

Oh, well done.  Nothing on them but an XP task bar.  First off guys, you do know that XP support ends soon?

Good news is though, they didn’t reveal too much in the task bar.  There’s sound on these machines and one other small applet, but aside of that, there’s nothing revealing security wise like the folks in Las Vegas have.

What is more worrying though is that I think they need a System Management Package (have you guys heard of System Center), because it seems they knew about these problems, but had to record it manually.  What do I mean…Well, covert ops photos show us the following:

DSCF1027 (1024x768)

 DSCF1028 (1024x768)

See the bloke in the two photos above staring at the two “broken” monitors (revealing the XP task bar)?  Yep, he’s one of the IT guys at Heathrow doing asset control and what does he have?  You guessed it, pen and paper!

I guess looks can be deceiving.  Beautiful airport strung together with IT that is powered and audited by sneaker net.

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Vegas – The home of XP, DameWare, Messy Desktops, Java, Intel video cards and Sound

I love airports.  What else to do with your free time besides scout out all of the things that shouldn’t be done in public :)  I’ve been to Seattle, Gatwick, Southampton and now let’s take a look at what we can find in Vegas…

DSCF0885 (768x1024) DSCF0888 (1024x768) DSCF0889 (1024x768)

What does the departures board say?  It says I’m running Windows XP and looking closer at the board doing the adverts next to it tells me:

  • They run a Java based dos client (DDC Java – version 1.6 even)
  • They use DameWare to remote control their devices (anyone want to sniff port 6129?)
  • They haven’t done too much with the desktop for 14 days as the clean desktop wizard is appearing
  • The have sound on their kisok machines (why?)
  • They are using the intel graphics chip set

Come on guys, I wouldn’t want to go gambling in your city with your IT staff…They’re showing their hands making it easy for the opponents to gauge them!

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Windows 7 and the Netbook


Many people have been using Windows 7 in its early release and Beta stages – Fact.

Many people are raving about Netbooks, their portability, usage….. – Fact.

Windows 7 – in numerous tests has come out on top of Windows XP and Vista – Fact

What does this have to do with the price of bread?  Well, currently most Netbooks ship with one of two flavours of operating system – either Linux or Windows.  Most users prefer to have XP installed on the Netbook as Vista can be considered “troublesome” to deal with and overbearing on the memory, system resources, etc.  Windows XP on April 14 will go end-of-life.  This makes the Netbook quite critical and key to Windows 7 if you look big picture – IMHO.

Those who don’t like Vista or have had lash back from it’s poor performance and bad press will no doubt go for the Linux version of the netbook and as such will begin to sway the figures further from Microsoft.  Enter Windows 7.  Develop it robust enough to work on a Netbook, make it user friendly and release it around the time when people are on the fence between Vista, XP and Linux and you have a chance at winning back the masses.

Not only does this help the Windows revolution carry on, but think about it from this angle…if Microsoft develops Windows 7 to work on the Netbook (which inevitably they will do), this has positive implications on the PC market, too.  If it goes fast on a Netbook, how fast will it go on a PC?  Even faster.

Guess the question we all ask and that everyone is trying to figure out…when can we expect to see 7?

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NT is finally out at Heathrow

For those of you who work in the computer industry you know that it takes ages for certain places to get rid of NT.  Well, the proof is in the pudding – or in this case the writing is on the wall.  Today when flying out of Heathrow, I saw the XP “Windows is Shutting Down…” screen on one of the terminal walls.  Guess they’ve upgraded, have you 😉  Next question is when will they migrate to Vista <lol>

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Like XP? Want Vista tools? Try the XP Sidebar

It seems that not everyone is keen on Vista, but like its tools, therefore someone out there has developed the Vista sidebar for working/use in XP.  Not too bad…If you want more information pop on over to LifeHacker and check it out for yourself!

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