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Why Yahoo! never made it too far

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer. I did a bit of programming in college and I “dabble” occasionally. I by no means consider myself hard core but the following might assume I think I am.

We all know the hype of IE9 right? It’s the latest and greatest out of the halls of Redmond. They’re suggesting for all of us to upgrade and try it out and see for ourselves it’s the best thing since sliced bread. OK, I took the plunge, I upgraded just like many others will – in order to try it out as well as try to be ahead of the IT curve, in such a case I get asked any questions.

Today, I took my browser to Yahoo! Answers because Bing told me it would have the answer to the question I was looking for. I got there and Yahoo! told me IE9 wasn’t a new enough browser and I should upgrade:


What’s even more comedical is when I click on the Upgrade Now link, in lieu of taking me anywhere it takes me to a page that says:

yahoo faux paux 2

Yep, that’s right. IE8 isn’t available for my system. So, three learning experiences we need to teach Yahoo! in order to get them up to speed:

1. When testing for browser compatibility your programmers might want to use $browser >= $version and not just hard code specific versions

2. P.S. I’m running Windows 7 which runs IE 8 fine although you don’t seem to think so

3. IE8 is not ONLY available for XP, Vista and Server 2008. It comes bundled with Windows 7 which makes it available for that OS too (see number 2 above).

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Geolocation – What’s In It For Me?

More and more it seems that people are taking Geolocation and trying to use it for what they think it’s worth…however, let’s take a look at it and see if it’s really worth it…

Geolocation first of all – what is it?  Well, if we visit it will probably tell us some information:


Does it work?  Well, looking at the above, it found my public IP address (or at least the proxy I was behind) but did it target me ok?  Nope, I’m not in the UK.  Failure #1.  Close but no cigar. 

What else is the problem with GeoIP?  Well, let’s take TechEd for example.  We all love it and we all go right 😉  If you went this year, it was in Berlin.  What does that have to do with the price of cheese?  Well, Berlin is in Germany and if you went to a service like Yahoo! Mail from a German IP address (Geo Located), Ihr Yahoo! Mail in Deutsche wast (yes, that’s my poor translation of your mail was in German). So, in Family Feud/Fortunes BUZZ – Strike 2.

OK, so we’ve found two faults with Geolocation, how about looking at the bright side of things (“Always look on the bright side of life, ba dum …).  I’m sure you’ve all seen visitor maps, right?  Well, if you haven’t look to the right column of my blog (provided it’s still in the same layout).  you should see:


Those little maps are created with Geolocation and as long as they’re semi-accurate (thinking I’m in the UK when I’m really not, albeit I’m close), they give us a precise figure of who’s been to our website.

So, long and short of it?  Technology is a cool thing, just be careful how you use it or you could be preventing non-German speaking individuals from getting in to their Yahoo! mail 🙂

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Bing hopes to topple Yahoo! and take on Google

Microsoft is re-launching their search engine, promising to make search simpler, and aiming to overhaul Yahoo.

Re-named and re-branded, the search engine will go live first in the US and launch in beta elsewhere.

Google has more than 64% of the search market in the US, followed by Yahoo at 20% and Microsoft at 8.2%.

Bing offers to make search more relevant by understanding the intention of searches, and grouping more related information to the original query….

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Global EBS User Group – on Yahoo?!!?

ebslogo So, going through updates recently I’ve come across a Global Essential Business Server user group.  For those of you who haven’t tried EBS or know what it is, you really should.  It’s the perfect offering for anyone who has less than 300 people.  Forget SBS as it has too many gotchas and puts all your eggs in one basket, EBS is what you need…Anyway, I digress.  I came across this group and they offer loads of support, infact here is their exact membership description:

The Essential Business Server virtual user group mailing list is the main communication for members of the group.
Members of this group meeting regularly to discuss all aspects of supporting EBS and the companies that use it.
Because the group is virtual members can join from any locality. Consultants and IT Professionals charged with supporting EBS are welcome to join.

Here’s the funny thing though. EBS is a Microsoft offering, however, guess where you go to join the EBS Global User Group?  Yup, you guessed it, over on Yahoo! Groups.  Why not have a TechNet forum or some other sort of location for this group guys, c’mon.

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Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! Account Hacked? Why Yahoo! Sarah?

So, “Anonymous” has successfully hacked Alaska Senator Palin’s Yahoo! account.  Congratulations for that one, but I’ve got a question for Mrs. Palin.  Surely you should have something better for your own personal email than Yahoo!, shouldn’t you?  And at that, why two accounts that are so easily identifiable?

Well Mrs. Palin, you can’t say you didn’t see this one coming at you…Duh!

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How $4.95 can be oh soo good and also cause pain at the same time

So, you go to University and you graduate.  One of the things Alumni do (aside of reminesce about the past) is to follow their Alma Mater in sport.  This isn’t so easy when you live over 5,000 miles away from home/college, but along comes Yahoo! Broadcasts. Read the rest of this entry »

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