EDIT: I’ve been showcased on the Springboard homepage in the community section, however they linked my blog to here 🙂 I’m sure most of you see the “Home” link above, but in case you want to get to the blog itself, here’s a direct link for you to click on http://www.227volts.com/

So, at TechEd USA in May I got to interview Mark and see how he was doing.  Well, today just hanging out, Mark came by our Springboard booth and we had a chat and catch up again:

DSCF0612 (1024x757)

he’s done quite a few sessions here at TechEd, even a cool 400 level one that went deep in depth regarding the kernel and other sorts.  Oh yeah, there’s also various of his old company Sysinternals tools in built to Windows 7, not to mention he’s a Springboard Advocate of ours. Yet another of the many reasons to come to TechEd.  Oh yeah, and to prove he’s an advocate of ours, here he is with Stephen Rose doing an interview about our new release of Windows 4.0 – http://bit.ly/1X2HUC