Introducing Elmer

Laughing makes life easier to deal with, right? We all make jokes and sometimes take things a bit too far. Well, here’s my latest – Elmer. Back in October of 2019, our local Dollar General which we visited almost every shift decided to give us a Christmas Gift early. It was a Unicorn that sang and danced. They gave it to us as a joke and figured we would laugh it off because, well, that’s who we are and what we do as firefighters. NOPE. We took it to the next level and now its gotten even larger.

As part of the deal, we told the DG they had to name the Unicorn. They told us his name was “Elmer”. So, shortly after leaving, we decided to mount Elmer to the doghouse of the engine and he began to ride everywhere with us:

He got to see some amazing things riding with us. You can even see he got in to some action by the dirt on his left hooves. Well, unfortunately, shifts changed and one shift didn’t like Elmer as much as we did and they got rid of him. Yeah. Sad day and totally uncalled for really. Well, in his memory, we brought him back in full style. We had Elmer stickers created

And now, those stickers even adorn our helmets

So, for those of you wondering what the Unicorn is that is associated with the YouTube channel and that he’s my profile image…that’s Elmer and now you know his story.

In closing, don’t be that shift. Be the Elmer shift and make a change.